Mha Puja

Local Newari people doing puja of their own body on the occasion of Mha puja.

Mha Puja is the festival celebrated by the people of the Newari community every year. This festival is celebrated on the 4th day of Tihar by the Newari people to purify and inspire one’s spirit. On this day Newari people organize various programs on the streets including Newari dances, singing Newari songs, and many more. This day is also observed as the New year of the Newari people basically known as Nepal Sambat.

Mha puja is celebrated all around Nepal by Newari people and is a popular festival among the Newari community. During this festival, the Newari people perform a ritual puja which purifies and empowers one’s body and soul. They make mandalas which are essentially drawing of religious circular diagrams with varieties of traditional Newari grains for each member of the family in front of them and sit in a row on the floor and conduct puja. Then they follow various rituals and light up the mandala to purify and worship their own body and soul. After completing all the rituals they eat Newari food, drink alcohol and enjoy the festival joyfully. This festival is one of the most popular and joyful events of the Newari community.