Pacharee (Pahan Charhe)

The crowd at Ason during Pahan Charhe celebrating the festival.

Pahan Charhe is the three-day festival celebrtaed by Newar community that begins the day before Ghode Jatra. Pahan Charhe means “to invite guests” in Newari Language.

On this day, eight goddesses are said to be triggered by tantric rituals at varous Shaktipiths (power centers) including Kankeshwori, Bhadrakali and Mahankal. A feast starts at Ason where chariots clash with each other beside Annapurna temple. This is regarded as a symbol of meeting sisters.

The Newar community celebrates Pahachare which literally means inviting guests. The three-day celebration begins with cleanliness. After that, an annual chariot festival continues. Idols of God Lumadi, Bhadrakali, Kankeshwari and Bhairav join at Ason Chowk during the day to celebrate this festival. The gods ‘ palanquins face each other near the Temple at Annapurna. This represents their one and only meeting throughout the year. Married daughters and sisters on that day receive special invitation.