Matya Jatra

Patan is the oldest historical place where many Newari local people live. Patan is also famous for its unique and historical Jatra. Matya is one of the unique Newari festivals which is celebrated after Gai Jatra. The festival is very popular among the Newari Buddhist community in many Buddhist temples and stupas for taking out processions. On this Jatra, people from the deceased family come out for the procession early in the morning, ignite the light, and wish for the departed souls and end the procession at the dawn. In addition, the Newari community of Patan believes that the festival is especially observed to celebrate and remember the victory of Lord Buddha over sin. Many people from around the country come to enjoy this unique festival of Patan. They go to several places of Patan, the procession starts from Managabazar then Chakrabahil, Ikhachen, Bubahal, Haugal, Ukubahal, Ikhalakhu, Kobahal, Saugal, and Nakabahil and ends at the place where they started. A huge crowd of people in each and every places of Patan can be seen at this special festival. The local people carry a variety of fascinating offerings to Lord Buddha during this parade which includes flowers, candles, rice, vermilion, sweets, and many more.