Pachali Bhairab Jatra

Lord Pachali Bhairab
Bhairab is one of the manifestations of God Shiva, or another aspect of Shiva.  Bhairav is regarded as the destructive incarnation of Shiva. Lord Shiva is believed to be the protector of mankind; and his other form is Bhairav, an angry form of Shiva. Pachali Bairav is in Pachali, a location on the border to Kathmandu on the side of the Holy Bagmati River in Patan(Lalitpur). The worship and procession with a big feast are called Jatra, mostly in Newari society. Pachali Bhairav jatra, therefore, is Lord Bhairav’s procession which in Pachali with a big celebration and feast. The Jyapu group(farmers in the Newari language) usually observes Pachali Bhairav Jatra. The Jatra is usually held during the Dashain festival on the 4th or 5th day. In the memory of Pachali Bhairava, various deities are borne in procession to Teku.
A “Kalash” or a holy water vessel carrying Bhairav’s face is taken to Pachali Bhairav shrine the night before the special day, people worship him with prayers, ceremonies and meat offers, and Jaad and Raksi(local Nepali liquor). Throughout the Newari community and all over Nepal, there is a practice of giving wine and liquor(Jaad and Raksi) to Gods. A priest accompanies by a musical procession brings to the temple a picture of Shiva’s Son “Ganesh late in the night.
Afterward, the “Kalash” is withdrawn from the temple and taken to Durbar Square on the backs of devotees. The goats and buffaloes are sacrificed to the performers dressed as Bhairav, Kumari, and other deities in Durbar Square. During the event, numerous Bhairav dances are also held. It is said that Lord Bhairav quickly gets angry with the shrine’s environment that appears to get highly packed. Buffalo and goat meat and blood are brought in for him to appease.