Ghode Jatra

An Army soldier holding a traditional Khukuri displays skills on his horse during Ghode Jatra festival or Horse Parade at Tundikhel in Kathmandu, Nepal 

A grand horse parade takes place at the central point of the city Tundikhel, where many events take place. For a long time Tundi had terrorized people until one day he was slain and people rejoiced at riding horses over his body.  Thus it is believed that the clamor of hooves of horses at Tundikhel during the Ghode Jatra festival keeps the spirit of the demon at bay, as it is believed that he is still a threat to the city.

It is said that the faster the horses run, the faster the spirit of Tundi’s spirit will be subdued; hence the horse racing and all the acrobatics is done at Tudikhel. This festival is attended by the army top brass, the top government officials and diplomats. According mythodoly, it is claimed that Ghode Jatra is honored as a victory over the devil that was once a nightmare in the city and the demon spirit remains beneath the ground by galloping horses.

Huge crowds gather around Tudikhel to watch but they are not allowed to enter inside the Tudikhel. The army also takes this as a great opportunity to display their skills as paratroopers drop off from planes flying close overhead.