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Wild Honey Hunting In Nepal

Wild Honey Hunting In Nepal
Wild honeycombs hidden under the steep rocky mountain of Lamjung, Nepal

Wild Honeycombs of Apis Laboriosa discovered in a very remote village of Lamjung. This honey is also called Red Honey or Mad Honey. Two full spoon of this honey makes you feel trippy and weird. You will feel mild heat in throat, body warms up and you may get mild headache.

$40 per liter

Buy In Kathmandu

Wild Honey Hunting Tour

3 nights 4 days

Kathmandu – Lamjung – Kathmandu

May to June 2020

Per Person $600

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  1. Curl Labs

    Do you offer any discount for children?

    1. Nabin

      Hi, thank you for showing interest on our wild honey hunting tour package. Yes we can offer 50% discount for children under 18 Years old.

  2. Manisha Karki

    Nice blog article

  3. Nabin

    Thank you, Manisha 🙂


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