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Hamro Live Bakery
Save 10%

Hamro Live Bakery

Hamro Live Bakery is a chain of bakeries operating in Kathmandu. It ha...

Phalano Coffeeghar

For example, when the blockade has limited many to cooking momos and n...

Bodhi Books and Bakes

The café has a rich range of cakes and pastries made by its chef, Bidu...

Snowman Cafe

Established in 1965, the Snowman Cafe still stands near Freak Street/J...

Yala Cafe And Coffee Shop

A new cafe opened in 2018, with fantastic breakfasts, has hit the mark...

Bakes´n Cakes

Bakes´n Cakes is one of the best cake place in Kathmandu valley. It pr...

Madhyapur Fresh Bakery

MADHYAPUR FRESH BAKERY, known for it’s sweet cookies and cakes was est...

Nepal Reopens For Tourism On August 17 2020

As of August 17th, 2020 the following businesses will resume operations

International flights

Hotels and accommodation facilities

Tourism related activities


Trekking and climbing permits

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