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National Paddy Day in Nepal

National Paddy Day in Nepal

National Paddy Day in Nepal is celebrated every year in the 15th of Aasar in Nepali calendar. This year it falls on June 30th, 2019. On this day all Nepalese people eat flattened rice with yogurt. Farmers in the villages sing and play on the muddy fields sowing rice plants.

Commonly known as “Dahi Chiura Khane Din” translated in English as “Curd Flattened Rice Eating Day” is a very joyful food eating festival in Nepal. This festival is celebrated throughout the country. If you stroll in the outskirts of Kathmandu valley in the places like Balkot, Suryavinayak, Changunarayan, Gagal you can still see people celebrating this festival in the paddy fields. The celebration is fun with people singing, playing games in the mud, sowing rice plants and sharing special curd with flattened rice. It is often mixed with banana, fried potato and pickles.


  1. Rakesh Gupta

    Are there any events to celebrate National Rice Day

    1. Nabin

      Hi Rakesh, yes there will be events this day throughout the country. If you want to join a group event then email us at


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