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Capital Hospital

Capital Hospital is a compassionate provider of patient-centered healt...

Always Open

Syanko Katti Roll

At some point, the idea of wrapping delicious bits of meat, onions and...

Kumari Restaurant & Bar

Opened in 1990 AD, we are a casual fine dining restaurant, offering he...

Name Cafe & Bar

Name Cafe & Bar is one of the famous restaurant in Kathmandu city,...

Fuchhey Restaurant

It looks different when you reach Fuchhey'spremise. It tries to create...

Star Mall

Star Mall features a diverse and exclusive collection of stores includ...

Khaja Time

Khaja Time is a very cozy and nice place to have lunch at. It is quite...

Oral & Dental Clinic

Oral & Dental Clinic located at the heart of Kathmandu city, Putal...

Nepal Reopens For Tourism On August 17 2020

As of August 17th, 2020 the following businesses will resume operations

International flights

Hotels and accommodation facilities

Tourism related activities


Trekking and climbing permits

Need help planning your travel to Nepal? Feel free to contact us.