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Zipline at Dhulikhel

Nepal is a country where one can enjoy adventurous and thrilling experiences. Many people enjoy thrilling and adventurous experiences to make their life joyful. Zipline is one of the wonderful adventure people can experience in their life.  It is the first-ever Zipline in Nepal which is located on Araniko Highway at Dhulikhel. Zipline is a very new adventure one can experience for their lifetime. The environment around is very fascinating to see and while going there, one can make their day exclusively exciting. The breathtaking view of hills around the place makes you feel like you are having the best time of your life while riding the Zipline at this place. However, some people might get really scared while riding on this ride but we can assure you that this ride will be an adventurous ridig experience for a lifetime.

There are mainly three types of rides while riding a Zipline at Dhulikhel. Classic Zipline is also considered as a simple Zipline ride is the most adventurous ride and very calm one compared to others. People who are self-confident to enjoy the ride and want an amazing adventure in their life can ride classic zipline . On the other hand, there is a ride called Couple Zipline which is especially for couples who are interested to experience the ride together. Couples can come and enjoy the awesome zipline ride and experience perplexing views of hill around them together. And the last one which is comparatively different than the two mentioned above is Superman Zipline ride which is newly introduced ride in Dhulikhel. If someone wants a thrilling experience while riding the Zipline, definitely Superman Zipline is the best ride since you will feel like a bird flying in the sky. You will feel refreshed while riding the Superman Zipline ride.

Currently, Zipline rides has been very popular among young adults in Nepal. Many people have already experienced the adventurous Zipline ride at Dhulikhel. One should definitely experience this adventurous and delightful experence in their life to make their life adventurous.

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