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Trishul Danda Featured

Trishul Danda is a beautiful viewpoint located 2 Km east of the Changunarayan temple. The trail passes along the ridge giving spectacular views of Kathmandu valley, Nagarkot, Sankhu, Shivapuri, and Langtang. There are two natural Shiva Lingam, a tall Trishul, a temple of Shree Santoshi Mata, an idol of Shree Hanuman, Asram of Trishul Baba, view tower, Peepal tree, and four-faced Shiva Lingam surrounded by a beautiful garden.

If you are visiting Changunarayan temple, Trishul Danda is worth checking out. From Trishul Danda, one can continue the journey to Sankhu or Nagarkot.

Trishul Danda त्रिशूल डाँडा (तः गुँ), Telkot-Changu Road, Changunarayan, Nepal

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