Tal Barahi Temple Featured

Tal Barahi Temple is a small 2 story pagoda-style temple devoted to the deity of Barahi, located at Fewa Lake of Pokhara. This Hindu temple in Nepal is dedicated to Goddess Ajima in the boar manifestation, which represents Goddess Shakti. Shakti is the Hindu mother goddess who is considered as the universe’s creativity and power. Shakti as a feminine power assumes several roles. Shakti protects the gods from demons in the form of Durga, it is believed that Goddess Durga takes on the manifestation of Ajima in the form of a boar called Barahi to fight against her evil enemies. This is the reason why  Barahi is pictured with the face of boar with a cup in one hand and fish in other hands. Barahi Temple is a very important Hindu religious site to worship. Most of the visitors boating around the Fewa lake are likely to visit this temple and take blessings from Goddess Ajima. If you are near Pokhara you must visit this religious place and have a great view of the lake and Mt Annapurna.