Syanko Katti Roll

At some point, the idea of wrapping delicious bits of meat, onions and sauces in a lunch wrap has certainly crossed our minds. It’s such a simple concept that many of us even had to try to do that, especially when our daytime lunch consisted of just a few plain homemade rotis and some veggies. There’s nothing elaborate about the katti rolls of Syanko visually. But for so long Syanko served katti rolls with such care that today the katti rolls find a flagship spot on Syanko’s varied fast-food menu — in reality, rolls reflect the brand of Syanko. The explanation for this is very straightforward: Syanko’s rolls are not only more presentable than other rolls, but they are easier to eat on the go. And they are also reliably delicious; Syanko outlets are spread around various busy Kathmandu and Lalitpur spots: in Thapathali, Sankhamul, and Jawalakhel, to name a few.

Red Cross Marg, Kathmandu 44600, Nepal