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Swargadwari Temple Tour

Situated at Pyuthan district in the western region of Nepal at 6960 ft, Swargadwari temple is a very popular religious pilgrimage site of Nepal. This temple is very famous for Hindus of Nepal. Swargadwari is famous for the Vedic Yagyan established by Swami Shree Hansananda Giri Sworgadwari Mahaprabhu. Legend has it that the king of all deities; Indra had also performed a Yagyan in Satya Yuga at this religious place. For Hindu pilgrims it is a must-see destination. Many believe the Guru Maharaj of Swargadwari has been an incarnation of God. There is the temple of Swargadwari and also the cave at the top of the Swargadwari hill, which is also one of the religious sites of prime Hinduism. People believe it’s also the only temple that specifically followed Hindu rituals strictly. Therefore, once in a lifetime, those who wish to experience ancient Hinduism will pay their visit. While visiting Swargadwari we can also see panoramic views of Himalayas. The fascinating thing about the location is that the holy pit lies in the temple, where sacred food grains are given with Vedic Mantra to the Lord for 100 years. Free food is offered to the devotees who go to this temple. In this area, for the production of pure milk & ghee, more than 150 cows & bulls, as well as more than 30 buffalos, are reared. The temple is also the home to five ponds namely, ‘Ganesh’, ‘Panchanga’, ‘Shiva Panchanga’, ‘Devi Pachanga’. ‘Surya Panchanga’ & ‘Bishnu Panchanga’.

This religious tour may take 4-5 days. On the very first day, we will come to pick up you at the airport and drop at the Hotel. Welcome drinks will be given for refreshments. After your refreshment, our representative will brief you about the trip and our journey will start from Kathmandu to Ghorepani.


Day 1:  Kathmandu to Ghorahi

We will drive to Ghorahi for 8 hours and stay overnight at Ghorahi.

Day 2:  Ghorahi to Masina Gaun to Swargadwari

The next morning, we will have breakfast early and start our tour to Swargadwari. Overnight at Swargadwari.

Day 3: Swargadwari to Ghorahi

We will begin our special day by engaging in special pooja with early morning prayers to the Swargadwari temple. We’re going to be walking down the Ghorahi Bazaar after pooja. We’ll have lunch on the way and overnight in Ghorahi

Day 4: Ghorahi-Kathmandu

Next morning, have breakfast and start our drive from Ghorahi. We’ll go back the same route while returning back to Kathmandu.