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Suvekchya International Hospital And Research Center

SIHRC is a conceptual product of a group of young, visionary and talented doctors and managerial team, who are professional and dynamic in their own fields. The team is committed to put in their expertise in providing not only better health services to the patient but also better hospital management services to the patient.

Newer challenges in lifestyle have brought up newer health-related problems. And, the awareness of people towards health has dramatically increased. The team is aware of the demand for quality health services in the country, and has, thus, envisioned a plan to help uplift the baseline of health care and service in the country with their expertise. As an endeavor, it has started a fifty-five bedded hospital at Sitapaila, which would be providing basic and subspecialty health care services. 

The poor and the underprivileged are planned to be supported by its SUVEKCHYA SAHAYOG KOSH and periodic health camps whenever feasible. The Hospital thrives to implement the best Hospital Management Policy suitable to our context and in the near future, it has plans to acquire an international standard hospital certification. It believes that Health care service is a dynamic process that is ever-evolving, thus staff training, Continuous Medical Education (CME) would be the basis of further development.

Sitapaila Marg, Nagarjun 44600, Nepal

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