Shey Phoksundo National Park Featured

Shey-phoksundo Narional Park is located in northwestern Nepal’s Trans-Himalayan area. It is the country’s largest park in that covers nearly of 3,555 km2. Shey-phoksundo Narional Park is established in 1984 in order to preserve the Himalayan ecosystem. National Park Shey Phoksundo offers a wide range of stunning landscapes. The park’s elevations range from 2,130 m in Ankhe to 6,883 m at the Kanjiroba Himal peak.The northern areas of Shey-phoksundo Narional Park include dry areas of the upper Himalayas and some rhododendron, caragana shrubs, and salix, juniper, white Himalayan birch, and the occasional silver fir dominate the Himalayan high meadows.