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Serene Himalaya Treks And Expedition

Serene Himalaya Treks And Expedition is a trekking company that helps you to experience the wonderful adventure activities as well as to experience the culture and traditions of Nepal and its neighbors. The company provides you with various holiday products where you can see the beauty of the country as well as the cultural trips that will be offered at a range of prices. While enjoying the tour we ensure the activities will not harm our local culture and the people have proper contact with each other. The company provides you with the different modes of traveling which includes helicopter tour, trekking, and day tours. The main mission of the company is to deliver interested travelers all around the world to experience wonderful lands in the Himalayas.

The company provides you with holidays to different places in Nepal, Tibet, and Bhutan. The best destinations that the company provides are the Annapurna Region, Bhutan, Day Tours, Dolpo region, Everest Region, and the Kanchenjunga treks. During the tours, the company ensures you to provide the best experience in the whole adventure. The company has a brilliant manager, guides and the porter who are well experienced and will guide you throughout the journey. The company is also organized to maximize the net benefit for the poor people by empowering and by training on skills development that helps them to take part in different tourism activities. They have strong policies to employ local people and use local products as much as possible while traveling.

Chaksibari Marg, Kathmandu 44600, Nepal

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