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Santaneshwor Mahadev Temple

According to the myth, It is believed that the people who do not have their children, once they please Lord Shiva, Santaneshwor Mahadev Temple then their lap would not get barren. According to the holy book of Hindus “Shree Swasthani Batra Katha”, which is a very popular ritual observed in Nepal in the Poush month (January – February) during winter. According to this book, Lord shiva lost his beloved wife. As he can’t tolerate the death of her and carry her dead body everywhere he goes, thinking it to be alive. By seeing the pathetic condition of Lord Shiva, the Gods of heaven have a serious discussion. They finally come to the conclusion of decaying the dead body by sending the flies with their supernatural powers. As the body starts decaying, all her body parts started falling on earth. All the places where her body parts have fallen had become the famous holy places of Hindus. As it was believed that the upper lip had fallen in the top of the hill, where Santaneshwor Mahadev is located today. Thus the name of the temple was given a name Santaneshwor, which means a boon for having a baby. Santaneshwor Mahadev Temple is one of the famous Hindu religious places located in the south-east of Kathmandu Valley. It is situated at the border of Jharuwarasi VDC. It takes approximately a 1-hour drive (about 11km away) from Lagankhel. In order to reach the holy place, we have to come across Satdobato chowk, Dholahiti, Sunakothi, Thecho, and Chapagaon(also known as Champapur) VDCs, [Sunakothi, Thecho & Chapagaon VDCs have the majority of Newar communities]. These days the vehicles have made it easier to reach the destination. But if you really wanted to enjoy the nature and the culture of Newars, it is better to walk from any of the above-mentioned villages. These days it has become a famous place to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city. Everywhere you can see a clean and green environment with dense forest where we can hear the sweet whispering of beautiful birds. A huge masses of Hindu followers can be seen in the special occasions of “Ekadasi”, “Maha Shivaratri”, “Teej”, “Bada Dashain”, and other Hindu festivals. The Temple is worshipped by people, especially on Monday & Saturday.

  • Dev Temples
  • Forest Nearby
  • Free Entrance
  • Marriage Venue
  • Puja Venue
  • Tap Water

Santaneshwor Mahadev Bus Stand, Jharuwarasi 44700, Nepal

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