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Sali Nadi Temple

Salinadi Temple in Shankarapur municipality of Kathmandu is a popular Devi temple of Shree Swasthani Mata. Thousands of devotees visit the Salinadi temple each year during a month long festival on February. Devotees believe that worshiping her will bring wishes true while neglecting her brings misfortune. The temple is on the bank of Sali Nadi with unique octagonal roof. Inside the temple is the statue of Swasthani Mata riding on a lion. Nearby the temple is the cottage of Chandrawati, who praised Swasthani Mata to get her husband Nawaraj back. The whole area is commonly known as Sankhu village. The village is rich in historical artifacts dating back to 538 AD.

  • Cremation Site
  • Devi Temples
  • Forest Nearby
  • Free Entrance
  • Puja Venue
  • River Nearby
  • Tap Water
  • Vajan Mandali

Unnamed Road, Shankharapur 44600, Nepal

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