Sali Nadi Temple Featured

At just 17km from the capital city of Nepal, Kathmandu, the Sali Nadi temple is located at north-eastern in an ancient Newari town called Sankhu Valley. The temple is also known as Swasthani Mata Temple since the temple is dedicated to Goddess Swasthani. It is situated on the hilltop, on the bank of Sali Nadi. The roof of the temple is goldplated supported by wooden struts. Inside the premises of the temple, you can find a giant statue of Goddess Swasthani with a lion (Vehicle of Goddess). Devotees visit this temple to take blessings from Goddess Swasthani for their long life, prosperity, and children. One can find a small stone hut on the way from temple to the Sali Nadi which is believed to be the home of Goddess Swasthani. Thousands of pilgrims visit this religious temple every year and worship the Goddess with high beliefs. The temple has many religious and cultural values in the Hindu religion and plays a very important role to enhance and develop the tourism industry of Nepal from a religious point of view. We would recommend you to visit this beautiful temple for your happy and prosperous life if you are near the Sankhu valley of Nepal.

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