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Sahid Park

Sahid Park or Loktantrik Sahid Ban Uddhan is a little beautiful park on the just below the Shivapuri Nagarjun National Park. An ideal picnic spot to enjoy the peaceful nature while gazing at the Kathmandu valley. The park offers 3 venues for picnic with catering service which includes cooking stoves, dishes and chairs. Sahid Park just got its final renovated look in 2020, so the park is still unspoiled by the hustle of Kathmandu. If you are planning for a family picnic or friends gathering, Sahid Park can be a good choice. The park can be reached by  taking a bus or taxi to Gagal Phedi via Sankhu road. From Gagal Fedi its winding 3 Km uphill road to the park. From Sahid Park you can also continue the journey to interesting places like Manichaur Temple and Chisapani view point.

Park Service Fees: 

Rs. 2000 for group of 25 and less

Rs. 3000 for group of 26 and more


Cooking stove, dishes, chairs, mattress and electricity