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Rising Mall

Rising Mall ,located at Durbar Marg, which belongs to Rising Star Properties, is one of the largest shopping malls, in the capital .The mall was built at the cost of Rs 250 million.Rising Mall is extended upto 7th floor with a underground. On the Underground floor there is “Bluebird Mart”.For the first time in Nepal “Being Human” exlucive showroom is opening in the ground floor and Branded showrooms:” Collective Store” ,” Wrangler”, “Reebok”,us polo assn, flying machine, Arrow, “Himalayan Java” coffee shop in open lobby.

On 1st floor of rising mall there are branded children wears showroom,” Giny& Johny”, “Branded collections”, Ladies and Gents collections showroom, Apple and Samsung gadget store and many more.

On 2nd floor: Mega Bank Cash Counter

On the 3rd floor there is a Chinese restaurant

On the 4th floor Mega Bank Corporate office Luxurious cinema Hall (Q’s Cinemas) and open food court on the top floor.