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Reis Met Mij

Travel with me is a travel agency in Kathmandu (Nepal) that offers unique trips. Maxim and Laxmi, a Belgian-Nepalese couple, live in Nepal and want to get to know Asia in a different way.

We are convinced that we can offer you a very special trip without feeling like a tourist. It is our intention to get to know the country from the inside out, with attention to details that are not covered by a travel agency. Who offer different types of trips, depending on your interest: group trip, private trip, trekking, getting married in Nepal, motorcycle trip, horse trekking, …

Our audience are people with an open mind with an interest in other cultures. Nepal is safe to travel with children. There are also many options for people with a less physical condition to travel in Nepal. If you are looking for a holiday in a resort and do not plan to leave the gated resort, you should not come to Nepal. During our travels we stay in neat hotels with all standard accommodation (western toilet, private bathroom with walk-in shower, air conditioning, wifi). We do not stay in five star hotels. If you wish to stay in a five-star hotel, this can be arranged with an extra allowance. The transport is also done with modern private vehicles with a driver.

At the beginning of March 2013, we were visited in Kathmandu by the TV team of the travel program Vlaanderen Vakantieland (Een). Together with reporter Ben Roelants we spent two days with them and guided them in and around the Kathmandu valley. You can see us extensively in Part 3 of Flanders Holiday Region.

Laxmi: I was born in Eastern Nepal, but around 16, I moved to Kathmandu for my studies. Then I studied at the University of Social Sciences. I have always been free spirited and I wanted to plan my life myself. Normally I would be married off, but I fell in love with Maxim and I ran away from home. That way we were able to secretly get married. In the end, everything turned out fine and my family accepted our marriage. In 2009 I came to Belgium. I have studied Dutch intensively. I like Nepalese food the best, but your chocolate, cheese and cherry beer are heavenly! With Reis met me, I also want to give something back to my country and help the weakest. I am convinced that you will be impressed by our people, rich culture and beautiful nature! I look forward to letting you discover Nepal!

Maxim: I studied Comparative Cultural Studies at Ghent University and Audiovisual Technology at RITS in Brussels. For twenty years I have been interested in everything that takes place in India, Nepal, Bhutan and Tibet. With the focus on Tibetan Buddhism, after my training I went to India where I studied Tibetan. I study and practice Buddhism with some masters of the Tibetan tradition. With Reis met me I want to share my experiences about Nepal with you. Together with my wife I want to give you an unforgettable trip! I also write a blog about life in Nepal for De Standaard. Sometimes critical, sometimes lighthearted. Life as it is, through the eyes of an expat. You can read my articles on the website of De Standaard:

Recently we also appeared in Weekend Knack and the Magazine of AS Adventure.