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Pullahari Monastery Featured

Located at the northern hills of the kathmandu valley, Pullahari Monastery is one of the most important historic and pilgrimage sites of Buddhism. The architecture of the Monastery is quite amazing and pleasing. The beauty of the place away from the chaos of city life will give you an opportunity to heal and medidate to make your inner-heart calm. The monastery is at the highest point among the three other monasteries situated in this area. Here, the Kopan monastery, one of the most important monastery for its spiritual significance is at the lowest part. Since, the place is located far from the noisy city area, you can cultivate deeper insight into the Buddhadharma. You can find two religious building, a beautiful garden, monk’s quarters and religious Gumba where the students learn about medidation inside the premises of Pullahari Monastery. You can know more about the history of the Monastery and about the Buddhadharma with Monks present inside the Monastery. During the Earthquake of 2015, the monastery was extremely shaken and had some damages which were then repaired by the management of the Monastery. If you are planning to visit Kathmandu, we would recommend you to visit this beautiful, religious site, located at just 25min away from the capital.

Fulari Gumba, Budhanilkantha 44600, Nepal

Urgent Notice Regarding Travel Restriction Related to COVID-19

Considering the declaration of World Health Organization regarding the scale of COVID-19 spread as global pandemic, following the recommendations and counter measures to be taken by the countries to cope with the pandemic and assimilating the International Health Regulation (IHR) 2005, Protocols and Prescriptions; Government of Nepal has decided to enforce the following decisions, directions, and precautionary measures in supplantation of all the earlier notices issued on this subject. The provisions enlisted in this notice will come into effect from twelve hours midnight (Nepal Standard Time) on 14th March 2020 till - 30th April 2020.

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