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Pilot Baba Ashram

The trail from Suryabinayak Mandir to Pilot Baba Ashram is mesmerizing. The route covers from city to countryside in the hills rising behind Surayabanayak temple. The start point is a 10-minute hike from the Suryabinayak bus stop on the Bhaktapur road. If you wish then you can visit Suryabinayak temple after a hike.

After a short section of road climb into the jungle on a possibly slippery track. The trail was scattered with babbling brooks, a range of trees and bushes i.e rhododendron, needle wood. Whilst hiking, you will see villagers busy gathering fodder and goats grazing in the jungle. The trail ends with you climbing sharply to connect the road. Follow the road for 6 km to a popular picnic spot. You can see Pilot Baba temple which you are about to climb. After walking for almost an hour, we reached the entrance of the ashram, which is situated on a hillock. From its top, you can grasp a stunning view of the hills surrounding Kathmandu Valley and the Suryabinayak jungle. There is a slow steady climb on a trail to the temple. After a five-minute walk from Pilot Baba ashram’s entrance, we arrive at Suryabinayak Temple. The fee is included at a checkpoint inside the temple which is collected his fee is collected for maintaining the temple and its area by the management committee. At the entrance of the temple, you can see local vendors been waiting for the arrival of hikers with snacks and locally grown fruits and vegetables.

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Balakhu - 10, Bhaktapur, Nepal, Bhaktapur 44800, Nepal

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