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Phulchowki Hill Station Featured

Phulchowki just like its name is a massive flower shaped hill on the southern side of the Kathmandu valley. On its top is a shrine of Shakti and tallest radio towers in Nepal at an altitude of 2782m. The top part is protected by Nepalese army and needs identity while entering the site. 

The hill is surrounded by many other hills and in between are many river streams, subtropical forest, and villages. It’s fascinating to see many old Nepal houses in the laps of Phulchowki undisturbed by 2015 earthquake in Nepal. May be due to one of the largest iron ore deposits in the region, the area is earthquake resilient. 

The subtropical forest around it inhabits wild boar, deers, and several species of birds and butterflies. A botany discovery trip can be a special activity in the region.

There is also a cave, around 100m below the tower to checkout. 

Getting to the Phulchowki

There are 4 trails to reach to the top, one is usual main road from Godavari. Two are hiking trails along the Eastern ridge and northern face from Panauti. Another hiking route is from Lakuri Bhanjyang. 

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