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Panorama View Tower Resort

Well where do I start… This place was a lot of fun, the journey up, (or in our case the second, as first time our transport struggled), is a great experience. This place seems to be a bit of a hidden gem.

After arrival there a couple of options, Rooms & food, Tents & food, Room or Tent only.
We were here as a group of 4 for a birthday, and as we were going to have some drinks that night it was decided that the rooms wouldn’t be a good idea. (a lot of steep steps) so we took the tent and food included option. Well when I was informed of the price I thought It was great value, and made jokes about who snores and farts, to my surprise as two couples this included two tents…the tents are big enough for six and all bedding was included too. The food inclusive option was great value , as lunch dinner & breakfast was all in. Now as it was a birthday celebration we did drink quite a bit, and stayed up late (for Nepal). We were far enough away from other guests to play some music and get tipsy without anyone else complaining. We paid a little extra to try the Local Chicken, and that was some tasty stuff, It takes a while to prepare & cook so be patient. While your waiting they bring round little bits & bobs of him, (fried chicken liver and whatnot). I thought dinner was done, then we were called to the main event.. I nearly fell off my seat,… what a spread. Dinner was fantastic.

Now the main reason you come up here, it’s not for the food, it’s not the drink, and it’s not the cosy tent experience. I wakened bright eyed and bushy tailed (you know i’m stretching the truth here??) to see the sunrise over the hills.

I sat for a while waiting on the clouds to clear. I seen a lot of the mountains but just was not lucky enough to see all of them at the same time. And I’m glad (weird I know), because it means When I return to Nepal I will come back to Panorama to repeat the experience.

(oh in case you’re wondering the tent and food package was around £15 per person.. so that’s tent and bedding, 1 lunch , 1 dinner, 1 breakfast (simple style), and local chicken is available for an extra £4). Drinks are around the same price as in Bhaktapur.

What A Great Birthday!! shame it wasn’t mine, if you decide to stay I hope you get clear sky’s, as you can see Everest from here.. Would love to drink an Everest while looking at her as I’m no climber.

(just as a footnote if you have walking difficulties, don’t try to come up here as it’s very steep & slippery in places )

The staff are warm & friendly, the food is great, the tents are surprisingly comfortable and on a clear day the view is one of the best in the valley.