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Nepal Orthopaedic Hospital

Nepal Orthopaedic Hospital (NOH) was established in the premises of the Nepal Disabled Association (NDA) at the Khagendra New Life Centre in Jorpati in Kathmandu in August 1998. Its sole intention has been to provide quality orthopaedic care, at an affordable price, of which most Nepalese have been deprived.

Nepal Orthopaedic Hospital intends to be a brand name in Nepal that will reflect best yet affordable orthopaedic and trauma care in the country and its vision is that of a situation where even the poor and destitute are able to have a place where their need for either charitable or affordable care is easily accessible. The mission of the hospital is to provide accessible, affordable and charitable orthopaedic and trauma services to all people .It also contributes to the training of mid-level and higher-level students related to medical and para-medical sciences.


Shreetol Marg 3013, Tokha 44600, Nepal

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