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National Center for Rheumatic Diseases

National Center for Rheumatic Diseases (NCRD) is the first specialized clinic in Nepal dealing with diagnosis and management of Rheumatic diseases which includes conditions affecting joints and connective tissues, auto-immune diseases like Rheumatoid Arthritis, Gout, Lupus, Scleroderma and other degenerative diseases like Osteoarthritis and Ankylosing spondylitis. 

Rheumatic diseases, generally known as Arthritis, are not a single disease; there are more than 100 diverse types of arthritis and related conditions that not only affect joints but may also impact various other body parts like heart, lungs, eyes, and kidneys. Although Rheumatic diseases are not considered life-threatening, when it hits the organs it can take lives if left unmanaged or make life miserable with one or more major disabilities. 

Because Rheumatic diseases may involve several different combinations of organs and systems in the human body depending upon the specific condition, effective management of a patient requires multidisciplinary care customized to the need of each patient. And since the disease may need long-term care, emotional support and motivational counselling are also essential at times. NCRD is well-equipped to do just that.

Pashupati Rd, Kathmandu 44600, Nepal

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