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Mayadevi Temple

Mayadevi Temple is one of the most iconic temples situated in Lumbini, the UNESCO declared World Heritage Site designed by Japanese architect Kenzo Tange in 1978 Thousands of Buddhists devotees visit this place where Lord Buddha was born. Pilgrims all over the world visit this temple almost every year to find peace, hope, and self-love. This temple is considered as the heart of Lumbini because of its importance in a religious view. A holy pond is also located just near the temple where Queen Mayadevi had taken a bath before giving birth to Lord Buddha. Many devotees visit this place to meditate, it is believed that the place has a spiritual environment and the vibe you get is unexplainable. If you are an explorer and love to visit religious sites, then the Mayadevi temple is a must-visit place.



Nepal Reopens For Tourism On August 17 2020

As of August 17th, 2020 the following businesses will resume operations

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