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Manjushree Trail

Manjushree Trail—so dubbed, because Manjushree circled the Kathmandu valley before cutting the gorge at Chobar—is about hiking the Kathmandu valley in a circuit, where each section has its own significance. You will hike through the national park, meet with sadhus, watch panoramic mountain views, climb the highest hill of the valley, and experience the friendliness of villages that are not yet on the tourist radar. Section hikers are those who hike only a section of the trail, while those who hike the whole circuit in one go are thru hikers.

Day 1 : Hattiban Resort to Deurali Bhanjyang

•Ridge walk up to Bhasmasur dada

•well-defined trail. Uphill climbs.

•No water after Hattiban Resort and until you reach Deurali Bhanjyang.

Day 2 : Deurali Bhanjyang to Kalanki

•Uphill hike up to Chandragiri

•Downhill walk from Chandragiri to Chitlang Bhanjyang

•No water source from Bhanjyang to Toplang

•A 3 hours long downhill walk up to Naubise.

Day 3 : Kalanki to Ain Dada

•A 30 min. bus ride from Kalanki to somewhere below Dahachowk

•Uphill climb to Dahachowk

•Wide metalled road up to Bhimdhunga.

•Walk through the road up to Ain dada or take the villagers trail from Bhimdunga bus park.

Day 4 : Ain Dada to Tarkeshwor

•Goes through a flat hill top with good scenic views

•Quite natural with thorny bushes with sharp leaves alongside the roads

•Waterfall and Kafal trees near Kakregaun

Day 5: Tarkeshwor to Suryachour

•Gentle uphill climb up to Tarkeshwar Mahadev

•Even jungle till Suryachour.

Day 6 : Suryachour to Bagdwaar

•Gurje to Shivapuri Peak trail is abandoned trail so the forest here is very thick

•The trail is very hard to navigate but keep following the ribbons

•A lot of climbing up and going down

Day 7 : Bagdwaar to Jhule

•Well-worn trail and is marked with ribbons

•Keep on walking through the jungle trail to Chisapani

•Roads are being expanded and water reservoir is being constructed at Dhaap

•Dusty roads up to Jhule

Day 8 : Jhule to Dhulikhel

•Trail is very well marked

•Plenty of settlements

Day 9 : Dhulikhel to Balthali

•From Dhulikhel, it’s a gentle climb up to the iconic rock (there’s a famous picnic spot as well)

• From Namobuddha, the trail goes downhill to Roshi Khola

•Then, 30 min. uphill climb to reach Balthali, a small still beautiful village

Day 10 : Balthali to Gurdhum

•Trail is even until Kushadevi

•Uphill climb of 3 hours from Kushadevi to Nagi dada

•Couple of stairs before reaching Gurdhum

Day 11 : Gurdhum to Godavari

•Ridge walk from Gurdhum until the trail moves down to a thick jungle

•Climb uphill to Pulchowki and then Godavari

•No water source on the trail

Day 12 : Godavari to Hattiban Resort

•From Godavari, the trail goes through a thick forest

•From Manakamana maii lele, the road leads to an amazing village

•Walk up to Tika Bhairav

•Climb up the hill and walk down from Dukuchap hill (tricky trail)

•Crossing the Pharping bridge, the trail that goes straight up the hill lead to Hattiban Resort