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Mahankaal Temple

The oldest pilgrimage religious site of Nepal, Mahankaal temple is situated just opposite to an army hospital in Newroad, Kathmandu. The temple is built-in a three-storeyed white color building, one can find small statues of God and Goddesses inside the premises of the temple. The temple is dedicated to the Lord Mahankaal (Kaal Bhairav), considered as one of the forms of Lord Shiva, it is said that people who have sufferings and bad times in life, they visit this temple to overcome their pain and troubles. According to a legend, it is believed that Tantric Guvaju witnessed Lord Mahankaal flying across the sky, witnessing the God by his bare eyes, He went to the King of Kantipur and decided to build a temple for Lord Mahankaal so, they can place the god permanently in this temple. But Lord Mahankaal refused their request and promised them to visit the temple every Saturday. This is the reason devotees from all around the world visit this temple especially on Saturday to take blessings.  Thousands of devotees visit this temple to heal their sickness caused by bad karmas and get blessings for their upcoming days in their life. Worshipper usually visits this temple during Saturday and Tuesday after their visit to the Sankata Temple which is situated at just 10min away from the temple. The temple has a great role to enhance the history of Religious significance in Nepal. We would recommend you to visit this beautiful, religious and oldest temple if you are near the Kathmandu valley.

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  • Vajan Mandali

Kanti Path, Kathmandu 44600, Nepal

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Mahankaal meaning time keeper

(5/5) By Nabin on 7 June, 2020

Mahankaal is manifestation of lord Shiva, he is the controller of time. One who performs puja of lord Mahankaal, he will overcome from bad time in his life.

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Rookie 3 ratings

Powerful temple

(5/5) By Divine Global on 10 February, 2020

Must visit temple in Kathmandu

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