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Khung Peak Climbing

Khung Peak (KHNG) is a climbing peak in the Palchunghamga mountain range of Shey Phoksundo municipality of Dolpa district in Nepal. The mountain peak has an elevation of 6024m and can be located at latitude 29.6247 longitude 83.1442. The summit of Khung Peak offers stunning views of Kaipuchonam, Changdi, Yara Chuli,  Tankya I and more.  

The Region 

The region habitats vegetation of Pine and Hemlock forests, White Fir, Juniper, Birch and Rhododendron, scrub and alpine plant communities are common at the higher altitude. 

The park is home to the Red Panda, Snow Leopard, Musk Deer, Himalayan Tahr, Marten, Himalayan Mouse Hare (Pika), and over 118 species of bird including the Impeyan Pheasant, Snow Cock, Blood Pheasant, and Red-billed Cough. 

The Package 

Khung Peak climbing expedition is 35 days challenging adventure trip. The expedition starts from Kathmandu where you will make essential backpacking and preparation. Your guide will brief you with the necessary trip details. 


There is a trail you can follow to summit Khung Peak. The trail passes from Juphal, Suligadgaun, Sanduwa, Rigmagaun, Phoksundo Tal, Nangdalo, Shey Gumba, Saldang, Nishalgaun, and to the base camp of Khung Peak, this route is 102.8Km and the climbing route is 8.5Km.


Spring Season $7000

Autumn $6800 

Winter/Summer $6600 

Package Includes 

All ground transportation and flight tickets 

Peak climbing royalty and required permits 

Necessary climbing gears 

Food during the expedition 

Tea house and camping accommodation 

Sleeping bags and mattresses 

Package Excludes 

Any personal expenses  

Alcohol and drinking water 

Health and travel insurance 

Emergency helicopter evacuation 

Help Centers Nearby 

Army post: Suligadgaun 96.7Km

Health centre/post: Saldang 22Km

Nearest settlement: Nishalgaun 10.8Km

 Please contact us for customized trip details. 

  • 20 Days +
  • 6001m - 6500m
  • Difficult
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