Since 2016, a popular brand of milkshake has taken hype in Nepal. We can now enjoy such a delicious shake thanks to Mr. Keventers. In addition, setting up a new outlet in 2018 gave people of all ages a delicious excuse to roam around Thamel with a bottle of milkshake in their hands. Keventers also expresses their ideology, “The Relevance of Nostalgia, The Love for New,” in line with the continuity of their heritage and their ability to meet the needs of modernization. Strawberry Shake is a thick, fulfilling chilled frappe enriched with fresh cow milk with a mixture of fresh strawberries, bubblegum and vanilla ice cream. The shake’s quality literally makes the caption on their bottle’s cover that says “This Milkshake is What Dreams Is Made Of.”

Amrit Marg, Kathmandu 44600, Nepal