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Kathmandu Local Wine Tasting Tour Featured

Get the joyous experience of drinking local wines on the outskirts of Kathmandu. Stroll around the popular minibars or Bhattis behind the green and blue curtains that offer good sight, wine, and snacks. Minibars can accommodate 5-10 people and offer friendly hospitality. Explore the hillside villages and drink fresh wine from home distilleries. Explore around the markets, parks, malls, and temples tripping and having fun around.

Kathmandu Wine Tasting Tour is a great day trip to spend your day trying many drinks and visiting most minibars.

Tour Days: Every Sunday, Monday, and Friday from 7 am to 7 pm

Drinks Available:

Local wine or Raksi made from millet and rice

Chhyang – A white alcoholic drink made from rice

Nigar – A green alcoholic drink made from rice

Beers, Whiskey, Vodka

Snacks Available:

Chhoila – Bull’s (male buffalo) meat spiced hot, taken cold

Sekuwa – Dried bull’s meat fried and spiced

Alu Sadheko – Potato boiled and spiced

Chatpate – Mix of different grains and spices

Panipuri – Popular spicy veg balls with a sour taste

Chatamari – Popular Newari Dish

Bara – Newari dish made from lentil grains

Samay Baji – Newari lunch set with meat, vegetables, and pickles

Tour price starts from Rs. 5000 per person

Package Includes

Unlimited drinks and snacks

Pickup, drop off


Please contact us to customize this tour.

  • 01 Day
  • Cultural
  • Village

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Rookie 2 ratings

Good trip

(5/5) By Erica Grimes I on 2 May, 2021

Thank you for organizing such an amazing experience in Kathmandu.

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