Janaki Temple Featured

Janaki Temple is located in the Mithila region of Nepal, it is believed that the daughter of King Janak, Goddess Sita lived here. The history of this temple is a major attraction so, many Hindus all around the world visit this temple once in their life. The temple is designed in Hindu Koiri Nepali architecture. The color of the temple is fully white bright, attractive and known as the most beautiful temple with an example of perfect artistry. The temple is 50 meters high and constructed in an area of 4860sq. feet with a style of both Islamic and Rajput domes. Thousands of devotees visit Janakpur temple in the months of November and December for important occasions like Vivah Panchami and a Five-day marriage ceremony in the Hindu religion. There are altogether 60 rooms in the temple which are decorated with paintings, colored glass, and beautiful carvings. We would recommend you to visit this beautiful temple situated at the heart of Janakpur.