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International Friendship Children’s Hospital

International Friendship Children’s Hospital (IFCH) has been initiated by the group of medical professionals from 2008; officially as a 50 bedded pediatric hospital run in accordance with the cooperative act of Nepal. IFCH aims for the betterment of child health care in the curative aspect of diseases by having different phases of the childhood life cycle from infants to adolescence.

National context scenarios in the preventive aspect of child health, Nepal has been working beneficiary portion of child health among global issues such as Polio eradication, Measles control, etc. IFCH plays a vital unitary role for this achievement since it’s been providing vaccination, immunization regularly for near decades dealing more than 6000 children for active immunization programs to date. Major bed occupancy relates to low birth weight, preterm infants, Sepsis, Neonatal Jaundice, Pneumonia, and other vascular and congenital heart diseases as well.

IFCH is well equipped and prepared for and intensive care emergency life-saving mechanisms. ICUs and Emergency department of IFCH stands up to provide quality care to address the demand of every group of income and geographically isolated groups of Nepal. It has been providing free care through charity beds to helpless and people certified as below the poverty level by the nation.

IFCH realizes to be a part of multi-dimensional human knowledge to serve child health through the best possible care. Qualitative care is only measured through the analytical aspects of human intelligence. Only living resources appear for and through the best child health care practices in the field of curative, preventive and restorative practices at every possible standard of treatment and education which is only possible by efficient and skilled manpower. Since the establishment of child health care facilities as a separate entity, a dedicated group of peoples are actively participating from various sectors. Here, IFCH is the best place for all the specialists, senior experts, and consultants of Nepal.

Ultimately, IFCH has served more than 90, 000 children repeatedly since the day of establishment. Service taker believes best possible care here at IFCH regardless frequent visits for quality assurance and standard care for almost every aspect of cultural, social and child friendly behavioral facilities.

Unnamed Road, Kathmandu 44600, Nepal

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