Impasto Pizzeria

There was a time when on most menus pizzas were the most searched for food. That craze, however, started to wear off as pizzas became a little too Italian for the Nepali crowd of spice-addicted meat lovers. But now, Impasto Pizzeria is one of those new generation restaurants in Kathmandu that slowly help pizzas gain popularity. Fried Corn is one of Impasto’s signature dish. Maize is first dusted with flour and then fried deeply to prepare the dish. Sprinkled with salt and pepper, it is then mixed with butter. Mexicana Chicken Pizza consists of home-made sauce, mozzarella, olives, oils, coriander, sweet pepper, sweet corn, jalapeño and chicken. This dish was developed as a combination between the cuisine of Italy and Nepal. Nepali masalas are added for the spiciness of Nepal, while Italian herbs are added for the savoriness of Italy.

Boudhanath Sadak 40325, Kathmandu 44600, Nepal