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Glacier Family Treks & Expedition

Welcome to Glacier Family Treks and Expedition! We extend our profound gratitude to any enthusiast aspiring to learn or undertake a journey to mystical Nepal.

Glacier Family is an adventure company which is solely based on organizing trips that bespeak the illustrious wonders and magnificence of cultural luxuries in Nepal. With a massive experience in the field of interest, we have accumulated expertise and proficiency of greatest degree since our inception.Our trip packages offer the major emphasis on escapades to the Himalayan domain. Our services range from tours to trekking, expeditions, hiking, jungle safaris and the multitude of other options. The majestically-adorned destinations are within your reach through our meticulously crafted packages.

In addition to these obvious services, we also provide family-friendly trips which can accommodate children, differently abled individuals, and honeymoon couples to experience the mesmerizing portrayal of nature in the country.

Join us to experience the natural and cultural brilliance of Nepal.

Answer the calling of the Himalayas!