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Doleshwor Mahadev Temple

Doleshwor Mahadev Temple located in the southern foothills of Bhaktapur beneath the Suryavinayak forest is a religiously important pilgrimage site for Hindu devotees. Hindu scriptures reveals that after the great war of Mahabharat, Pandavas in sorrow of killing their brothers Kauravas, went to meet lord Shiva in Kedarnath. Lord Shiva denied to forgive and turned himself to a bull and tried to escape but Bhim pulled its tail, suddenly the head part went off in the sky. Since then the devotees of Kedarnath had been wondering where the head went, until 2009 when the head priest of Shree Kedarnath temple unveiled that the natural Shivling of  Shree Doleshwor Mahadev temple is the head part of Shree Kedarnath temple.

Hindu devotees believe that they will get salvation after visiting all five Shiva shrines namely Doleshwor, Kedarnath, Tungnath, Madhyamaheshwar, Rudranath and Kalpeshwar.After the discover of head of Kedarnath as the Doleshwor temple, it has been renovated to a new level with easy road access. A visit to Doleshwor Mahadev temple is truly a delightful experience.

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Amateur 8 ratings

Very sacred temple

(5/5) By N B on 21 January, 2020

A must go Shiva temple in Bhaktapur.

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