Dhorpatan Hunting Reserve Featured

Dhorpatan hunting was established in 1987 and it covers an area of 1,325 km2 in the Dhaulagiri Himal of western Nepal in the Rukum, Myagdi and Baglung Districts. Dhorpatan hunting altitude ranges from 2,850 to 5,500 m. Dhorpatan hunting reserve is also home to many species of animal. There are almost 18 species of mammals recorded in the reserve. Some of the species include snow leopard, msuk deer, red panda and lastly blue sheep.The blue sheep is the most popular species in the Dhorpatan hunting reserve. Other includes goral, serow, rhesus macaque, Langur, and mouse hare. There are some endangered species in the reserve such as the Musk deer, Wolf, Red panda, Cheer pheasant and Danphe. The reserve is also home to 2 species of reptiles.