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Dhorpatan Hunting Reserve

Dhorpatan Hunting Reserve covers an area of 1325k square and was established in 1987. The reserve is in the Dhaulagiri Himal of western Nepal and it covers 3 districts of Nepal i.e. Rukum, Myagdi, and Baglung. The Dhorpatan hunting reserve is at the altitude of 2,850 to 5,500 m. There are almost 18 species of mammals recorded and preserved in the reserve. Some of the species include snow leopard, musk deer, red panda and lastly blue sheep. Among all the species in the reserve, the blue sheep is the most popular species present. Other species include goral, serow, rhesus macaque, Langur, and mouse hare. Some endangered species such as Danphe, Musk deer, wolf, red panda, and Cheer pheasant are also present in the reserve area. Bot only to animals but also Dhorpatan is home to 2 species of reptiles too. There is also one Hindu pilgrimage in the Reserve which is known as ‘Dhorbaraha’. It is one of the famous Hindu pilgrimages and every year the religious fair is held in Dhorbaraha on the occasion of Janai Purnima. The best time to visit Dhorpatan Hunting Reserve is from March to June.

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