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Chhabdi Barahi Temple

Chhabdi Barahi Temple, located in the Tanahun district of western  Nepal is a holy temple of both Hindus and Buddhist religions. Chhabdi Barahi is considered a fish-headed Goddess which is known about two hundred years ago. According to a legend, it is believed that the place before the existence of the temple was known as a fishing point. Locals of that place used to go fishing at this site and one day suddenly an arrow to fish was mistakenly stuck in the rock and blood appeared on it. After that incident, fishing was stopped at this site and A small shrine was constructed in the name of the fish-headed Goddess. The most common thing about this temple is Animal Sacrifice in the name of God. Different species of animals are sacrificed to get blessings from the Goddess. Near the entrance of the temple, you can find all the materials available for the Puja (Offerings). One can also enjoy the scene of the waterfall just on the backside of the temple. The temple is also famous as a picnic spot among the young generation. We would recommend you to visit this religious temple and take blessings from the goddess if you are near the Tanahun district of Nepal.


Interesting facts about the Chhabdi Barahi temple

  • Goddess Satyawati born in the form of fish
  • Source of Chhabdi river
  • Death rites of fish are performed by the main priest
  • The main priest is always from the Magar bloodline
  • No animals are sacrificed during Aunsi, Ekadashi, and the month of Shrawan
  • Goddess Chhabdi Barahi is offered pigeon, goat, rooster, or coconut when one’s wishes are filled
  • Devotees play traditional music while bringing the animals to sacrificing
  • Devotees pay at least 3 visits to Chhabdi Barahi when wishes are filled
  • Chhabdi Barahi is a virgin fish goddess
  • When a goat is sacrificed and thrown in the pond, the mermaid goddess comes out to drink the blood
  • Bhimsen temple is also on the premise of Chhabdi Barahi temple
  • Mensurating women and their husbands should not visit the temple
  • The temple is about 10Km from Damaulai, Tanahun
  • Panchami and Purnima are the most auspicious day to visit the temple
  • The temple of Dhor Barahi, sister of Chhabdi Barahi is also located nearby on the way to Pokhara

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Wish filling goddess in an avatar of fish

(5/5) By Nabin on 24 August, 2022

Jay Chhabdi Barahi

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