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Bird Watching at Nagarjun

After a short drive from Kathmandu city, bird watching from Nagarjun Hill starts. We take an ascending path to the top of Nagarjun through the jungles. We can see several bird ingredients including Northern Eagle, Hawk, Red-billed Blue Magpie, Long-tailed Mountain Thrush, Bee-Eater, Maroon Oriole, and many more. The hike to the top of the hill takes about 2 hours and from there we can enjoy beautiful mountain range views. Buddhist monasteries filled with flags of prayer can be seen there. We’re going down and driving back to Kathmandu after having a wonderful time at Hill.



Day 1:

6:00am – You will meet with our guide in Langtang ri office, Nurshing chok,Thamel, Kathmandu

6:15am – Half an hour drive to Nagarjun gate

7:00am – One and half hour hiking to Nagarjun Hill and which is famous for its panoramic view and where we observe various types of jungle herbs and plants and beautiful tunes of Exotic Birds

2:00pm – Back to Nagarjun Gate and drive back to Kathmandu and transfer to hotel