Bindabasini Temple Featured

Bindabasini Temple is located in Mohariya Tole of Pokhara, the temple was built in 1842 B.S. by King Siddhi Narayana Shah. Total land occupied by this temple is more than 47 ropiness lands. In the middle of the courtyard one can find the temple of Goddess Bhagwati. The temple is situated about 10 meters above the valley from where the visitors can have a beautiful view  of the Pokhara. This temple is designed  in a small sikhar styled with fine stone images of Ganesha, Shiva, Hanuman and Goddess Laxmi. Hundreds of devotees visits this temple specially in Saturday, to pay homage to Goddess Durga. Many animals are sacrificed in this temple to make the goddess happy. We recommend you to visit this beautiful temple if you are near Pokhara, the sight and the environment is worth-watching.