Yomari Punhi

Local Newari people celebrating yomari punhi by going rally on this very special day

Yomari Punhi is celebrated in the full moon by making a newari food called “Yomari”.  Yomari is a type of Newari food which is specially eaten in Yomari Punhi. Yomari Punhi is a festival celebrated in full moon day of December by making, eating and distributing yomari to their friends, families and neighbors. This festival is very popular in Kathmandu valley. Various programs are organized in different places on this day.  Yomari punhi is a Newari festival which marks the end of the rice harvest.

(Kids in group sing this song while asking yomari going neighborhood and enjoy this special day)
त्यछिं त्य वकछीं त्य लातापाता कुलेचाँ जुछिंत्य । 
योमरी च्वामु उकी दुने हाकु ब्युसा माकु मब्युसा ।।
फाकु ब्युसाल्यासे मब्युस बुढी कुटी ।   
Yomari Punhi is observed during winter season every year. It is said that eating of yomari takes away cold and helps to make the body warm.  Yomari is made by steaming a confection of rice-flour (from the new harvest) dough shaped like fig and filled with brown cane sugar popularly known as chaku and sesame seeds. Yomari is the main item and special dish on the menu during the post-harvest celebration of Yomari Purnima.