Tihar Festival

Women putting tika to their loved ones (brother) in the auspicious occasion of Bhai Tika

Tihar, also known as the festival of lights is the most popular festival in Nepal. On this very special day people worship Goddess Laxmi, the Goddess of Wealth dominates the festivities. This festival is celebrated for 5 days. On the first day, people worship crow, known as “Kaag Tihar”, the informant of Yama. The second regarded as “Kukur Tihar” where the dogs are worshiped and offered goodies. The third day is considered as “Laxmi puja” and also “Gai Tihar”. On this day people worship cow by offering food and praying, people also worship Goddess Laxmi in the evening by doing puja, and Goddess Laxmi is welcomed to people’s homes by making a path of footprints leading into the house.  All lights are kept on and the doors and windows kept open to let in the goddess. The fourth day is celebrated as “Mha Puja” by newari communities which means worshiping and doing puja to oneself. The fifth and the final day is called “Bhai Tika”. On this day sisters put tika on their brother’s forehead and give blessings. During this festival, houses of all people are lightened up with candles, oil-wick lamps and electric lamps.

Houses all over the country are lit up with extra lights and also decorated with garlands. A great view can be seen from Swoyambunath where the whole Kathmandu city brightly lits-up. People also celebrate tihar by doing various programs like singing and dancing to the ethnic songs and go to others houses or shops especially in various streets and pray for their long and prosperous life, also called as ‘BHAILINI(female) or ‘DEUSI'(male).