Sindoor Jatra

The local people enjoying and dancing to the beats of Dhime (newari musical instrument) on the special occasion of Sindoor Jatra 

Every new year Bisket Jatra is celebrated with full of joy in Madhyapur Thimi. All the local people specially the male representatives from various quarters of Thimi comes and from the surrounding villages in Bhaktapur bring out a procession of 32 khats called palanquins with images of various gods.

As the 32 khats come together, sindoor  is thrown at them and the ceremony reaches fever pitch as the khat bearing Ganesha arrives from the village of Nagadish. Crowds comes up and down the streets until late morning when Ganesha, borne by hundreds of men, makes a break for home, pursued by other khats.

If the latter can catch Ganesha, the activities are prolonged, but eventually Ganesha departs and the festival moves on to Taleju Temple. Later, in the day, crowds swarm to Bode to witness the tongue-boring festival.