New Year (Nepali New Year)

In Nepal, Nepali people follow their own calendar structure which is known as the Bikram era or Bikram Sambat which falls on the 2nd week of April. Bikram Sambat is 56.1 years ahead then the Georgian calendar which uses lunar month starting from Baisakh to Chaitra and every year Nepali people celebrate the new year on the 1st of Baisakh. On this day, people from Nepal organize different programs such as picnics, cultural programs, and so on where people gather around and welcome the year in a grand way. All the traditions and culture such as Bisket Jatra, Bode Jatra, Sindhur Jatra, and so on are also welcomed annually from this day. With full of positivity and joyfully the year is welcomed and happiness is celebrated all over the country.