Narayan Jatra (Hadigaun Jatra)

Local people of Kathmandu celebrating the very unique jatra of all known as Hadigaun Jatra

Hadigaun in Kathmandu is well known for its unique jatras(parades) and cultures, as they say, “kahi nabhako Jatra hadigaun maa” which means there’s no parade like those in Hadigaun. The Narayan Jatra is an age-old tradition initiated by the locals of Hadigaun to pay homage to Lord Bishnu.

Satyanarayan Jatra has three carts without the wheels, unlike the chariots in any other jatras. The devotees carry the chariots on their shoulders which make a design of an inverted umbrella on the top, comprising of deities with different gods on top, and making the apex at the center. The three chariots are bought out of Kotal Tole, Nyalma Tole and Bhimsen Tole, and are worshipped three times by the priests until they enter Hadigaun. Nevertheless, every Khat represents Brahma, Vishnu and Maheshwar, some claim they reflect the woman in labor, her child and her friend.

Each khat is rotated by a man sitting at its base in a clockwise direction, while the chariots make a hadigaun round. The jatra is believed to invite the local inhabitants to protection and prosperity. The chariots are then left on the streets for the worshippers to pray and are gradually dismantled to be taken out next year, once the rounds are completed. Hadigaun’s locals are celebrating the festival with a great deal of enthusiasm, festivals and cultural dances.