Mother’s Day

Devotees who lost their mother spread water for purification at stone spout at Mata Tirtha Kunda in Kathmandu 
Mother’s Day is a very special day for every people around the world. In Nepal, Mother’s Day is celebrated in a different way than in the other world. In Nepal, Mother’s Day is celebrated on this very day by presenting her favorite food, clothing and various gifts. Mother’s day is also known in Nepal as ‘Aama ko Mukh herne Din’ or ‘Mata Tirtha Ausi’ which specifically means seeing the face of Mother. Most countries around the world are marking Mother’s Day, which is a way to thank mothers for their unconditional love and show respect for her.
This day is celebrated in the month of Baisakh(Nepali Calender 1st month) on New Moon Day. This is a very special day when we recognize and pay respect to our mother for her care, unconditional love and eternal life. Most societies across the country celebrate this particular occasion. All the people celebrate this day by doing Hindu puja to their mother in a traditional way. People who lost their mother also go Mata Tirtha temple by giving their mothers respect and love by offering gifts and different foods.

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