Mother’s Day

Mother’s day in Nepal or Matatirtha Aunsi or Ama Ko Mukh Herne Din is a festival celebrated honoring one’s mother. Every year, mother’s day is celebrated during the new moon day of Baisakh. On this special day, children offer sweets, fruits, delicious meals, and gift items to their mothers. One whose mother has deceased visit the Matatirtha Kunda in Chandragiri and take a holy bath and give a Tarpan in this sacred pond. Doing so is believed to help their mother’s departed soul reach salvation. It is said that one can see the image of their mother in Matatirtha Kunda.

Hindu tradition does not allow eating meat during Aunsi, so avoid eating or gifting meat items during mother’s day.

Ideas to celebrate Mother’s Day

  1. Visit your mother with gifts including food and cloth
  2. Frame old photographs and gifts to your mother
  3. If you are not at home, video call her, send her an online gift
  4. Visit an old age care center, donate and greet the lonely mothers inside
  5. Write a poem, song, essay about your mother and share it with friends and family
  6. Teach younger generation to love, care, and respect to all the mothers
  7. Give your mother a gold ring


Happy Mother’s Day!