Indrayani Jatra


The Indrayani Jatra is a festival that takes place every November / December in Kirtipur and this jatra is one that should not be skipped. Join the local groups as they embellish a chariot and deliver daily blessings. While chariot is transported throughout the day to various locations in the hilltop region of Kirtipur. More blessings are given at each station, which is then tossed into the enthusiastically awaited crowd.

On the first day, we see a procession with musical bands in which the image of the deity is carried to the second shrine, held here for the city center. For the next two days, it is kept here, so that the faithful can pay homage and worship to the god. The goddess is brought back to the main temple on the third day, followed by Ganesh’s palanquin, the deity of good fortune.

In the evening, the chariot eventually comes to rest at the Bagh Bhairab shrine. Indrayani Jatra, also one of the Ajimas defending the valley (mother goddesses). The third day of the festival takes place around the two shrines of Indrayani, one in the center of town and the other outside the ancient city. The Indrayani Jatra is one of Kirtipur’s most important festivals.